16th Annual European Eye for Pharma Patient Summit – Report

This year’s event hosted more interactive sessions between pharma peers and patients than ever before, and one element involved roundtables.

Designed and led by patients, they were co-chaired by Ruth Wilson (co-founder of Person Before Patient) and Craig Mills (Group MD of Frontera Group), with moderation by industry facilitators: Carole Scrafton, Cécile Tardy, Teresa Ferreiro, Elly Aylwin-Foster, Geoffrey Henning, Ava Easton, Siobhan Southam, Richard Stephens and Alan Thomas.

This article summarises the key discussion points, such as:

  • The key role of personalisation in looking to meet individual unmet needs and the importance of achieving trust with patients in the process.
  • How collaboration across a wider set of stakeholders, beyond patients and pharma, to include clinicians, researchers, app and device designers, care-givers and more. could improve
    healthcare interactions
  • Whether a change of approach to a more ‘human-centred’ (rather than ‘patient-centred’) approach could impact the way we go about healthcare.
  • Issues relating to the storage of patient health data within regulations, such as GDPR, general medical ethics and other governing policies