Tailoring intervention strategies to boost customer engagement


Better defining healthcare professional (HCP) profiles is crucial when launching a new oncology treatment. We wanted to create a tailored approach to engagement through a multichannel promotional campaign, including how sales teams discuss the product, to ensure that we cut through the noise in this complex therapy.


Through a cluster analysis of survey data, we identified segments in the data and the themes that define them (HC + PC analysis). This data science approach combined with depth interviews validated the segments resulted in insights into the drivers and barriers to behaviour for each segment. Leveraging these insights, we defined tailored intervention strategies for each HCP segment/persona and recommended tactics that would ensure success.

Deliverables included:

  • Four validated HCP profiles based on prescribing drivers, including their drivers and barriers of behaviour, tailored intervention strategies and which patients they are most likely to prescribe the treatment to first (the ‘catalyst’):
  • Profiling tool to identify physician segments, including algorithm for digital
  • Identification and discussion guide for sales reps.


Streamlined strategy based on tailoring to behavioural segments:

  • Customer prioritisation within brand plan to inform activities/tactics
  • Tailored engagement plan for prioritised profiles
  • High-quality conversations with sales reps.

“A knowledgeable team able to apply expertise to a complex problem and deliver a successful project that had a significant and meaningful impact. A real pleasure to work with.”

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