Childhood disease

Helping children understand the
value of treatment


Months of research listening to children with cystic fibrosis (CF) and their parents, revealed that the role of treatment was not well understood. When a child is first diagnosed, parents take charge of the treatment ensuring it is well managed. But there comes a point when the child must take charge.

Medical information doesn’t interest a child, nor does it inspire them to take medication. But what if we took children on a fantastic journey through an imaginary body?

How do you help children to make the connection between their respiratory condition and a tablet? How do you convince them that it helps them to run around the playground more?


As medical information doesn’t interest a child nor does it inspire them to take medication, we needed to take the children impacted by CF on a fantastic journey. And so Little Miss Fearless was created to deliver an immersive and interactive flight through an imaginary body. Children go on an adventure with main character, Molly, and discover how to stay healthy with CF.


Children retain 20% of what they are told but 75% of what they see, hear and do alone. The pilot campaign aimed to accelerate the age at which children take control of their CF, helping them to live better lives by enabling them to see, hear and experience messages alone, as opposed to being told.

“As a tool, this programme helps children take an active role in their condition and its management”

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